Mechelle Davis, ERYT

It is my honor and pleasure to share photos of the evolution of myself as a teacher, practitioner, healer and servant of the healing arts.  I am a student of my professions and I honor all that I AM and that which I AM not. 

Thank you universe for allowing my to share, grow, receive and give through the numerous opportunities over the years.  I look forward to growing with my students, family, friends and colleagues as I live and love with my heart and eyes wide open.  For this "that" you see and "that" which you do not, I am thankful, grateful and humbled. 

Just  a few of the thousands of pictures of activities of sharing and experiencing the healing arts (in various ways) with people young and old from all around the world.   

 More to come......hopefully soon.  You see how long it took for me to post these. "lol"

Yoga for HIV Workshop

Yoga Hive Studio Time lines


Tavis Smiley - Road to Health Tour

Dawn James - Crystal Bowl Healing

Yoga for Seniors

 Yoga Ourside ( East Point Festival 2012)

Yusef Crowder - Drum Circle 

Reiki for Seniors