Arrive on time. ( if possible I usually get there about 20 min. prior to class)

If you are not here when the class starts, just come in quickly & quietly and take your place.
We can talk and handle sign in and payment after class.

Please turn cell phones and pagers off , if you forget just let it ring.
( Unless you feel it's an emergency.)

Try to eat lightly thirty minutes to an hour before class.
You will gain better benefits from the class when you are not so full.

Remove your shoes and place them in the shoe bin along with your other belongings.
If you need to change clothes, you may do so in the restroom .
Place personal items and clothes in the bin or hang on the hangers.

Listen to your body during class and respond accordingly. ( This is important)

(Need water? Drink! Need to rest or stop. Do just that!)

Remember we are not competing, comparing or judging.
Always operate from an authentic (honest) place from within yourself.


Know your limitations. Consider major health problems, high blood pressure, pregnancy , heavy menstrual flow and or previous injuries.

Yoga meets you right where you are. We are learning to listen to our bodies and build a better relationship with it. Stretching and breathing are an integral part of your practice, be mindful of your places of surrender into the postures. Never forcing the body but allowing it to fully release itself and experience the postures.

We do not offer pre-natal yoga here, however we welcome 1st and 2nd trimester moms.

We request that you consider private classes after the 3rd trimester. 

Our mats are free to use. PLEASE return the mat to its place holder after class.
If you take a mat with you by mistake, please return it asap.  Thanks