This page is always under construction:  I remain open and receptive to all and only that which is for my absolute highest and greatest good for myself , others and this world. 

Mechelle Davis, ERYT, RCYT  is an experienced teacher in yoga and meditation.  She is known for her practical, down-to-earth, “just makes sense” approach that offers students self-discovery through experiencing the “power of awareness and self-observation” without judgment. 

Mechelle received her RYT 200 hour training under the guidance of Swami Jaya Devi, in Raja yoga in 2000, the eight-limbed path as described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. She is currently in the 500 hour program studying the Kali Natha Yoga System. She has clocked over 20,000 teaching hours and earned the recognition (ERYT) as a well-respected teacher on the east and west coast. She is certified in several healing modalities to include, yoga (3 styles), meditation, reflexology, qigong, AtMu-Ra-Reiki  and energy facilitation.

For twevle (12) years she has owned and operates the Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio in South Atlanta.  The Yoga Hive Studio is one of a few African-American owned and operated yoga studios in South Atlanta and has served the community since 2006. In addition she works for Clayton County Senior Services (10 years) providing yoga therapy, meditation, and reflexology classes for seniors and teaches staff and faculty at Morehouse College.   

Her style of yoga combines her personal passion for restoration of order to the whole person, the integrity of exchange and healing from “weapons of our own decisions”, resulting in an opportunity to move forward on the “road to health.”

As a former corporate professional in Information Technology, Mechelle has experienced the emotional, financial and physical challenges that come with balancing daily life and multiple stresses.  Her family, as well as her own experiences (good and bad) in her life has helped to shape a kind, patient, yet strong and accepting person.

Mechelle’s enthusiasm and passion for teaching, combined with her extensive knowledge and understanding of the foundations of yoga philosophy, meditation and holistic health, allow her to teach classes that takes students on an inner journey to get in touch with their true self at the most intimate level. Her class is not a regular practice but a transformative experience.

Thank you for your support over the years and I am forever grateful for everyone who has crossed my path and I welcome opportunities to continue to share with mankind. 

My students are very important to me and I love and respect each person I am allowed to work with.   I use the word "my" because I embrace our journey and it's passionate and personal to me. 


Mechelle Davis