Vision Board Coding

Vision Boarding

Visualizing alone won’t accomplish your dreams.
A vision board is just a starting point.

And we are going to learn ALL about that POINT!

You need a clear map of how you’re going to get there and then a little elbow grease.
Learn the seven steps to manifestation.
It all begins with the dot, circle and square!  You will not forget this information.

Create your own inspirational vision board! Create a beautiful collage that will motivate you every day to dream the dream that’s right for you to achieve your goals. Create your own inspirational vision board that give you the internal connection to them.

It’s not just about creating.  It’s about feeling your way to the center.  Feel everything!  Learn to navigate your waters of confidence and  doubt. They will both show up. They can both help you.  Give thanks!

Participants will create a painted board to build the foundation that will hold their vision. The instructor will provide painting instruction, planning guidance and resources for images and ideas. All tools and materials will be provided to help create your personal road-map to achieving your dreams.

Paint the Vision

Our workshop was a huge success.  Most all participants from the first one, already want to do it again.  Don’t miss our introductory price point of $25.00.

When planning this type workshop materials/supplies/food are necessary for each participants.  It is impossible to properly accommodate and offer a well planned workshop without knowing your numbers ahead.  You must register prior to the date of or be pre-approved to pay upon arrival.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

We are not using magazines, posterboard…..ect . This is an altogether difference experience of Vision Boarding.  Thank you in advance for allowing me to take you on this journey.

All materials  provided.  Bring your open and receptive mind and most of all be ready to have fun doing your work.

Our location:

Virginia Crossing
1001 Virginia Ave. # 202
Hapeville, GA 30354